"Freewheeler" lyrics - JESSE WINCHESTER


I got nothing and nobody
And nowhere I got to be
And I'm going owing no one
And with no one owing me
I can pack up in a minute
And be ready, set to go
Oh and if you're going to love me
Then there's something you should know

I'm a real free wheeler
And I can't slow down
I'm a rolling easy
I'm a spinning round

When I leave you may be crying
I guess I'll be crying, too
But to have my precious freedom
There's not much that I won't do
I will ride rough-shod over lovers
Taking trust, returning pain
Not just one time
Not just two times
I mean time and time again

Gee, my pockets mighty quiet
They don't jingle like they should
Oh well you may not believe me
But that emptiness feels good
I am the lily in the valley
Never toil and never spin
I can live on rain and sunshine
With my only friend the wind