"Keep On Trying" lyrics - JIM CAPALDI

"Keep On Trying"

Old man sittin' under a street beneath the concrete,
With his head between his feet.
Looks like he was accepting defeat.
So I walk up to him and I say,
Listen old man they wanna have it all your way.
He looked at me and smiled.
Then right before my eyes turned into a child.

Keep on tryin'. Gotta keep on tryin'.
Gotta keep on tryin', till it all works out.

I wandered on down the street, wonderin' who next I'd meet.
When around the corner came this girl,
She said her name was Pearl. I said "Hi my name's Jim".
We looked at the buildings. They were doin' us in.


Now everybody's walkin' about in them great big shoe.
Smilin' on their faces they look so amused.
I don't know why they wanna look so conspicuous.
Somebody ought to tell them they look ridiculous.

[Chorus 2x]