"Gods Love To Deliver" lyrics - JIM JAMES

"Gods Love To Deliver"

I have a dream
Oh Dr. king
Will I know what you mean
We were all equal in your eyes and ears
God speaking through you direct connection

We carry on
We carry on
Then becomes now and our hearts carry on
Living the words and your message lives on
Love has no equal
Direct connection straight to the source
Fate had to deliver
A feeling so pure
Negating all evil
We have found the lord
And our hearts reborn

I was the lion
You were the eagle
Your claws in my back
You were so eager
To get through the night
But our love is off limit
No real connection
Constantly popping my head on the phone
Running in circles
To find the real love
The love that found me
When I least expect it
You are the man
You are the man
And I lay beside you in peace and in life
Our love has no equal
In your eyes and mine
In your eyes and mine
Gods love to deliver

Gods love to deliver