"Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)" lyrics - JIMI HENDRIX

"Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)"

Is the microphone on?

Hey, Baby... where do you come from?
Well she looked at me and smiled and looked into Space...
and said, "I'm comin' from the land of a new Rising Sun."
Then I said, "Hey Baby, where ya tryin' to go to?"
Then she says, "I'm gonna spin and spread around Peace of Mind...
and a whole lotta Love to you and you!"

Hey, Girl! I'd like to come along!
Yes, I'd like to come along!
"Would you like to come along?" she asked me.
Yes take me along, right now!

Hey Baby, can I step into your World a while?
"Yes you can," she said, "come on back with me for a while-
we're gonna go cross the Jupiter's sands,
and see all your people one by one!
We gotta help the people out, right now...
that's what I'm doing here, all about."

Yeah! Yeah! May I come along?
May I come along?
May I come along? Yeah! Yeah!
Please take me!