"Valleys Of Neptune" lyrics - JIMI HENDRIX

"Valleys Of Neptune"

I feel the ocean swaying me...
Washing away all my pains.
See where I was wounded,
Remember the scar?
Now you can't see a thing...
And I feel no pain -

Singing about the Valley of Sunsets
Green and blue... Canyons too
Singing about Atlantis love songs.
The Valleys of Neptune is arising.

Mercury liquid... Emerald's shining
Telling me where I came from -
Honey Sun... Pourquise Bed he
Lays in -... on the Burning
Edge Horizon.

I'm sailing on the Bluebird's mission...
Bubble and curls and tiptoes in the foam -
See the wind make love to all
The ocean... Joy spread and
The massage got home -

Singing about the Valley of Sunsets...
Purple and gold... the Armies of the Lord
Before ancient Egypt, there were moon trips...
The Valleys of Neptune is arising -

Look out East coast, but you're
Gonna have a neighbor,
A rebirth land...
The praying Burning Sands.

We know there were worlds
So much older...
And they shall rise, and
Tell us much more the truth of man -

I see visions of sleeping peaks
Releasing all hell that
Will shake the Earth from end to end -
And this ain't bad news, good news,
Or any news... it's just the truth,
Better save your souls while
You can -

Singing about the New Valleys
Of the Sunrise... Rainbow clean,
The world is gonna be...
Singing about getting ready for the new tide...
The Valleys of Neptune is arising.