"Money, Marbles And Chalk" lyrics - JIMMY DEAN

"Money, Marbles And Chalk"

Money marbles and chalk sweetheart but I still feel like I'm poor
'Cause my money won't spend and my marbles won't roll
And my chalk it don't ride anymore

Now there's an old saying that's been all around I heard it before I could walk
How some's got health and some's got wealth others money marbles and chalk
I got money marbles...

While you were near me I was happy and gay your presence made me feel so proud
But now that you left me it's a lonely old world and I feel I'm alone in a crowd
I got money marbles...

Now the money and marbles and chalk are just fine for a miser who loves only gold
But just give me a chance to say our romance 'cause I love you with all of my soul
I got money marbles...
(Now everybody) money marbles...