"Campo De Encino" lyrics - JIMMY WEBB

"Campo De Encino"

I wanna live on the valley side
Where the girls are skinny and the sky is wide
Where I can take my horsey for a ride
In Campo de Encino

Listening to the local rock and roll band
Resting my feet in the cool green screenland
Me and Ralph Williams gonna make our stand
In Campo de Encino

Ay, yi yi, I wanna drive a sporty car
And be a pinball star
And have a waterfall bar
That revolves around my swimming pool

I wanna take touch therapy
I wanna wipe out VD
And set the animals free
And most of all I wanna soar away

Why don't we have a barbecue
And I'll make love to you
If you dad will let you stay and play

I wanna live San Fernando style
I wanna eat an artichoke once in a while
I'm gonna watch police helicopters checking my file
Over Campo de Encino

A chamber group playing without any clothes
Good for the oboes but hard on the cellos
Your ears might get tired
But your nose always
Campo de Encino

Ay, yi, yi, I wanna take a vegetarian diet
I've gotta learn to be quiet
That is, I think that I'll try it
I've heard it cures all

I really wanna learn about the primal scream
And the meaning of my dream
And get back on that beam
But most of all
I wanna soar away

Why don't we listen to the Stones
And explore some unknowns
If your mom will let you skip ballet

Ay, yi, yi
Ay, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi
But most of all
I wanna soar away