"Johnny's Blues" lyrics - JOE ELY

"Johnny's Blues"

Well, Johnny come in last night
Man he was an awful sight
The Bartender said, "Hey Johnny!
There'll be no band tonight"
"The piano-man's drunk
He been down in the dumps
The drummer's in bed
He got a pain in his head
No Johnny
There'll be no band tonight."

The clock was stickin' close to ten
The mailman came runnin' in
He said, "Any-body here named Johnny?
I got a Special deliv'ry for him."
"It's from a woman he knows
It's from his Bayou Rose
The girl of his dreams
Wants a wedding ring"
...Love Rosie
"I've got a letter for him"

Well Johnny jumped up from his beer
Told the mailman, "Yes I'm here"
An' then he read it out loud to the bar room crowd
But before they had a chance to cheer
He said "Call up the band
I'm a happy man
I want them to play
On my wedding day"
When he told them
They had a chance to cheer

The piano-man came even though it was rainin'
The drummer was drummn' just like and insane man
They tore off the roof they knocked down the doors
And Johnny an' his bride drove away in her Ford
Slappin' the dash to the beat of the band
Draggin' behind them a string of tin cans
And they ain't been back yet but I know when they do
Johnny's gonna play some of the sweetest blues