"Madame Woe" lyrics - JOE ELY

"Madame Woe"

Down to the quarter there you go
Madame woe
Down to Canal where the red lights glow
Madame woe
Take some of your lonliness and lay it on me
It's a tough ol way to make ends meet, honey can't you see?

Down to the steps and over the fence,
Madame woe
Down to the shack that your landlord rents
Madame woe
Hey, hey a girl like you is a mystery to me
Hey, girl the look in your eyes is all I need

Over to Bourbon turn to the wind
Madame woe
To the tattoo parlor where you meet your friends
Madame woe
Hey, babe the world don't know how much you see
Yeah, Yeah would you show a little to me?

Down to the corner turn to the right
Madame woe
To the wooden Hotel where you stay all night
Madame woe
Hey, babe would you speak to me, easily
Hey, hey your words they come like sheep to me