"Ranches And Rivers" lyrics - JOE ELY

"Ranches And Rivers"
(Joe Ely / Will Sexton)

In the cool of the evening
She calls me to dance
My back's about broken
From choppin' the plants
My soul is so thirsty
I can't sleep at night
She walks in my dreams
And brings me delight

I was born to the workers
To toil and to strife
My father before me
He worked all his life
He took nothing for granted
He said son never bend
This heart that's been broken
Only her love can mend

Some men could give you
Ranches and Rivers
With fences of Barbed Wire
To keep out the cold
But me, I got nothin'
No Titles to nothin'
Just a Love and a Fire
More Precious than gold

Your daddy works me in the ground
He knows something's goin' down
Will you pack your things and ride with me?

Tomorrow at sunrise
With the dew on the cotton
They cut loose the watchdogs
When they see that we're gone
The smile of my sweet one
Asleep on the car seat
Ten miles to the border
Where we will be free