"Right And Wrong" lyrics - JOE JACKSON

"Right And Wrong"

Stop everything...
I think I hear the President
The pied piper of the TV screen
Is gonna make it simple
And he's got it all mapped out
And illustrated with cartoons
Too hard for clever folks to understand
Yeah, they're more used to words like:
But they say it's not the issue
They're not talkin' 'bout right or left
They're talkin' 'bout...

Right and wrong - do you know the difference
Right and wrong - do you know the difference
'Tween the right and the left and the East and the West
What you know and the things that you'll never see

So what ya think-
You like the Yankees or the Mets this year?
And what about this latest war of words,
And what about the Commies?
You know, I saw the news last night
All illustrated with cartoons
So when they come with that opinion poll
Yeah, they better not use words like:
Or try to tell me 'bout the issues
Whose side are you on
'Cause we're talkin' 'bout...

Where are we?