"The Band Wore Blue Shirts" lyrics - JOE JACKSON

"The Band Wore Blue Shirts"

I don't know why they come here
I'm only glad they do
They're gonna pay the bills for me and you
People out for an evening
They have a real good time
But when I play I feel just like I'm miming
I made a stand for the music
To turn the page with ease
I got the smile that says I'm here to please
Me and the bass guitarist
Have even shined our shoes
The drummer's shoes are dirty to confuse

I guess someday my kids will ask me 'bout the old days
I guess that I'll tell them there ain't much to tell
The waiters wore black dinner jackets and all that kind of thing
And the band wore blue shirts
And the music played on

Then at the end of the evening
They throw the suckers out
Don't get me wrong, I got no beef about it
I get my rates from the union
I get my shirts real cheap
I get my money
Get home
Get some sleep