"Frisco Blues" lyrics - JOHN LEE HOOKER

"Frisco Blues"

I left my heart in San Francisco
I left my heart, people, in San Francisco
High on the hill, at the Golden Gate, 'cross the bay,
In San Francisco, on the hill, the mornin' fog,
And the cool, cool night
That's where, I wanna be, San Francisco
That's where my heart
Up in New York City,
I've been to Chicago,
But found no place, like San Francisco,
With the cable car, high, high, on the hill
In the mornin' fog,
The evening breeze,
The cool, cool night,
Is where I wanna be
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Work, work people, tell me about it,
Work out, work out
I got the blues for San Francisco
Yes, yes, yes, yes

My heart is there, high, on the hill,
Right down by, the Golden Gate, 'cross the bay,
That's where I wanna be
I left my heart right there, in San Francisco
With the mornin' fog and the cool, cool night, the cable cars, on the hill
That's where I wanna be people,
My heart is there, my heart is there, in San Francisco