"Tupelo Blues" lyrics - JOHN LEE HOOKER

"Tupelo Blues"

Did you read about the flood?
It happened long time ago, in a little country town, way back in Mississippi
It rained and it rained, it rained both night and day
The people got worried, they began to cry,
"lord have mercy, where can we go now?"
There were women and there was children, screaming and crying,
"lord have mercy and a great disaster, who can we turn to now, but you?"
The great flood of Tupelo, Mississippi
It happened one evenin', one Friday evenin', a long time ago,
It rained and it started rainin'
The people of Tupelo, out on the farm gathering their harvest,
A dark cloud rolled, way back in Tupelo, Mississippi, hmm, hmm

Wasn't that a mighty time,
Wasn't that a mighty time?
Wasn't that a mighty time,
A mighty time, that evenin'?
It rained, both night and day
The poor people that had no place to go, hmm,hmm
A little town, called Tupelo, Mississippi
I never forget it and I know you won't either