"Life In The Jungle" lyrics - JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS

"Life In The Jungle"

This town is like a jungle
As somebody rightly said
A friend of mine was walking home one night
And somebody killed her dead
Cut down by a junkie
Coz she would not go to bed
That's life in the jungle

Somebody's got a knife
You better get yourself a gun
The junkie on the corner
He ain't havin' any fun
He just might decide to kill you
And you won't be the only one
That's life in the jungle

I can hear the streets a callin'
Every time the sun goes down
When nighttime starts a fallin'
I wanna walk the streets of town
The night time is calling me
To come out and hear the sound
Of life in the jungle

Just the other night
I was walkin' all alone
Suddenly I found myself
Standing next to my dead friend's home
And somewhere in the darkness
I could hear the jungle moan
"That's life in the jungle"