"Pale Spanish Moon" lyrics - JOHN MILES

"Pale Spanish Moon"

Goodbye is never easy,
But it was time to go.
I threw some things together
And moved out on the road.
Headed west and kept on going,
Chasing the rain.
Had a feeling deep inside of me
Things would never be the same.

And that pale Spanish moon
Was shining down on me
All through the night.
Memories of home fading away
In the morning light.
Riding high and lonesome,
Looking for some breathing room.
And over my shoulder,
That pale Spanish moon.
Way up in Santa Fe,
They were dancing to a slow one.
The smoke hung in the room
When I saw her standing there.
Just one glance, then we touched
And moved into the song.
Fire was there between us
Kept on burning all night long.

And that pale Spanish moon
Was hanging in the sky,
Caressing her hair.
She could never hide
The laughter in her eyes,
The passion in the air.
I thought it was forever,
But forever came too soon.
Goodbyes are never easy
Underneath a Spanish moon.

And on down through the years,
In the darkness of my room,
I will remember her
And that pale Spanish moon