"O'Leary's Cow" lyrics - JOHNNY HORTON

"O'Leary's Cow"

October eighteen seventy one that's when this great big fire begun
The Windy City was a ball of flame and O'Leary's cow was the one to blame

The fire men fought for days on end
They could fight the fire but they couldn't fight the wind
The wind fanned the flames and it started again and nobody knew if it ever would end
(She kicked up her heels with out a hint kicked the lantern over and away she went
The world couldn't help but be amazed) how one little cow started such a blaze

The rich and the poor were both alike fightin' and prayin' for their life
Then at last the Lord looked down and he sent a little rain to the windy town
October eighteen seventy one...
(She kicked up her heels...

The after math was a sight to see the loss of life and property
The people said it was a shame but O'Lear'y's cow still caught the blame
(She kicked up her heels...