"Heavenly Peace" lyrics - JOHNNY MATHIS

"Heavenly Peace"

The sounds of Christmas fill the air, the shouts of girls and boys
The silver bells and all the noels make a joyful night
But once the choirs quiet down and sing their last 'Amen'
What happens then? What happens then?

If you hold your breath and listen
You might finally find what your world's been missing
Peace, heavenly peace

In between your own heart's beating
There's a quiet voice that keeps repeating
Peace, heavenly peace

And it's all about peace can be found on a mountain top or an avenue
In the silent night, in the light of day, in the way I feel when I'm with you

I don't need satin balls and tissue
Not to wrap the gift that I want to wish you peace
I wish you peace, heavenly peace

Like the warming glow of the morning sun
There is enough for everyone

In the precious time we're given
What I wouldn't give if we could only live in peace
I wish you peace, let there be peace
Glorious peace, heavenly peace

May your blessings multiply, may your bounty never cease
And may you sleep in heavenly peace