"When The World Was Young" lyrics - JOHNNY MATHIS

"When The World Was Young"

Ah, the apple trees blossoms in the breeze
That we walked among
Lying in the hay, games we used to play
Wild around the sun only yesterday
When the world was young

While sitting around we often recall
The life of the year, the night of them all
For all of the noise, the talk and the smoke
I'm good for a laugh, a drink or a joke

I walk in a room, a party or ball
There's laughter and lights and wine for us all
And beautiful girls all put to [Incomprehensible]
But often my eyes see a different shine

Ah, the apple trees, silent memories
Wherever [Incomprehensible]
On our backs we'd lie looking at sky
Till the stars were strung only last July
When the world was young

When the world was young