"Looking For Trouble" lyrics - JOHNNY WINTER

"Looking For Trouble"

I heard you were a fighter
I saw you in the street
Your friends were all around you
They follow you like sheep
A night of blue jean over
Upon a concrete throne
You're a two bit punk from nowhere
Afraid to stand alone

Looking for trouble, finding it easy
Looking for trouble for the rest of your life
Looking for trouble, ready to gamble
Looking for trouble, yeah

Another stripped down Chevy
Is sitting up on blocks
It only took a minute

And now the money talks, oh
Yeah, money talks


Your rat has got your number
The cops are on your case
Your life's in constant danger
You're head will win the race
I know that I can save you
You told me that you cared
Don't wanna see those handcuffs on you, no

[Chorus 2x]