"The Guy You Left Behind" lyrics - JOHNNY WINTER

"The Guy You Left Behind"

Nothin' I do can satisfy my mind
My friends keep tellin' me your not my kind
No your not girl
I'm not the kind of guy to speak just idle talk
I don't no wanna lose my somethin' fine
I ain't a asking very much of you child
Tell me 'bout the guy you left behind

My friends all tell me that you'll leave me blue
Yes the same way, just the way
That you left him too, yeah!
Why won't you tell me whatta happened that day
Will it be any different this time
What did he do to make you drive him away
Tell me 'bout the guy you left behind

You know that my love for you is true
Sometime I wonder do you love me to?
What I say now!
I said now every time you kiss sets my heart aflame
But there's one thing that worries my mind
I said you always whisperin' some other guys name
Tell me 'bout the guy you left behind

I wanna know, I wanna know I just, gotta know
Woah yeah, I wanna know, please tell me child