"(She's Gonna) Respect Me" lyrics - JONATHAN RICHMAN AND THE MODERN LOVERS

"(She's Gonna) Respect Me"

There aren't any ladies present here in this room, are there?
So it's just us gentlemen, isn't it?

You know, I won't try to please her, I can't try to appease her,
Yes, I can't.
Even if this means that I won't be a man who sees her.
You know, she can go if she wants to go, she can run if she wants to run.
But that's okay, 'cause I believe in everything I have done.
And this way she gonna-someday she's gonna respect me.
She'll say, "Jonathan, what you thinking'?" and I tell her everything.
Even if sometimes I'm scared to tell her, and I know it's gonna sting.
If that's too much for her, and she turns cold as ice.
That's okay, I believe in tellin' the truth, and I'm willing to pay the price.
And she gonna-she's gonna respect me.
See, I'm a man, not a boy, I can't worry what she gonna think about me.
I'm a man now, and not a boy, and I can't worry what she'll do or think about me.
Well, she can go if she wants to go, but I got to do the things that I believe.
Hi-o Hi-o Silver.
Hi-o Hi-o Silver.
Hi-o Hi-o Silver.
She gonna-she's gonna respect me.
Look, sometimes we bound to argue, sometimes we bound to fight.
I don't want her tryin' to agree with me when I know she must still think she's right.
I don't like that.
She can't lean on me, she's gotta think for herself.
Well, if leavin' me's better, that's good, if she thinks that'll help.
I want her to grow up, you know.
And this way she's gonna-she's gonna-she's gonna respect me.
And that's what I want.