"Life Rolls On" lyrics - JOURNEY

"Life Rolls On"

In the still of the night
I look back on times that have changed me
People whose faces all fade away
And places that all seem like yesterday
As I look to the road ahead
Grateful, alive and I'm breathing

Yeah, life rolls on
Right or wrong
Turn around, face the changes
Life rolls on
Stealin' time
Just don't get left behind

Times we're anxious for nothing
Finding faith to face a new day
In the balance is compromise
Believe love leads the way

Seasons change us
While life's songs remain the same
Moments shape us
All you believe

At the speed of light
We make up our minds
Life rolls on

Together, we face it all
Find where we belong
Confusion, illusion
See through it all

Hold on, baby take my hand
Where we belong, yeah
Freedom calls our name
We'll sing our song
Ooh-ooh, yea?h

The old has passed away
We face a brand new day
It's time to face the truth
To everything we knew

So now baby, just hold on
Try to stand strong
Yeah, feel life rolls on, oh

Life rolls on
Life rolls on, everyday
Life rolls on
Yeah, life rolls on, everyday
Life rolls on
Ooh, we're movin' on
Feel, life rolls on
Ooh, keep movin' on
Feel, life rolls on
Life rolls on