"Sucker Punch" lyrics - JULIEN BAKER

"Sucker Punch"

Going off the rails
Got enough gas and time to waste
Feel you in the highway braille
Steering with my eyes shut, half-awake
No one has to know
Maybe if you turned the car around
Just try to get home

Coming down the exits to your house
Sleeping in my clothes
Waking from a nightmare on your couch
Thought I couldn't get much lower
Nowhere else to go when you come down

Too tired to fight anymore
Started giving in, I throw a match
Cleanup like an oil spill
I'm down at the gas station all night
Trying to wash it off

Bathin' in the pale blue neon light
Handed you a knife with the handle out
I could see you throw a sucker punch
A broken floating rib
Permanent scar
A temporary fix
Say it's fine
I'm not convinced

Tossing a cord and I'm
Holding my breath
Nobody's faultless
It's anybody's guess
Bury me face-down
So I can keep climbing in
Help me to get out
So that I can crawl back to it