"Diggin' My Potatoes" lyrics - JUNIOR WELLS

"Diggin' My Potatoes"

You don't love me, baby, just like I love you
If you loved me, woman, you wouldn't have me standin' 'round cryin'
I was walking out the back door, when somebody else was tippin' in
Lord, it hurt so bad, to hear him call your name

Somebody's digging my potatoes, trampin' on my vine
You know I feel so bad, people, ain't it a cryin' shame
Keep on steppin', mama, don't come around my house no more
Lord, I'm so glad to see you walk right on by that door

Lord, I need somebody, to hold me in their arms
Lord, just make me feel so good, please don't let me cry no more
Lord, I'm moving, yes I'm moving, movin' on down the line
I got a real funny feeling', li'l girl I can't use you no more