"The Words Are Like Leaves" lyrics - KAIPA

"The Words Are Like Leaves"

Leave another station far behind
Unfold all my feelings, let them wind
Through the open landscape
Through the changes
That keep passing through my mind

High above dark clouds hide the sky
Raindrops keep on falling, asking why
Are we only raindrops
When we want to
Turn into a butterfly
Passing through the sky

Where's this railway ending, I don't know
Maybe it's forgotten years ago
Are we just illusions
That are passing
Through a mirror of the past

High above the circles of our lives
Questions keep on falling, asking why
Are we only passengers
That travel
With this train into the unseen
A journey in our minds

The words are like leaves in the trees
The trees forms a forest of life
Of questions that travel like waves
Inside our blood
Inside our veins
The waves reach the shore of the heart
A bay still untouched by the wind
That blows through the ages of time
The words are like leaves
Let them pass through the sky