"Never Stop Her Heart" lyrics - KARLA BONOFF

"Never Stop Her Heart"

Like a bird she was wounded
A prisoner he found
He kept her beside him on the ground
She wanted him to release her
But he didn't want her to fly
He had come to depend on seeing her cry

He cut her wings
But she could still sing
He didn't see he could never stop her heart

Just like in a cage he kept her
But inside she grew strong
And in some ways it was nice
To have a place to belong
But freedom called in its own way
Soft moonlit nights in her thoughts
And the war raged on inside
That she always fought


Ah, the love that plays in the strangest ways
She felt his warm embrace like fire inside her
And when the day would break, it seemed
Her heart would shake
But she knew he had her soul at stake


Like a bird she was wounded
A prisoner he found
But time was running out, he couldn't
Keep her down
So one day he released her
Thinking that she wouldn't go
But how she was able to fly
Was something he'd never know