"When You're A Long, Long Way From Home" lyrics - KAY STARR

"When You're A Long, Long Way From Home"

I know where the sun is shining I know where someone is
Pining just a simple pal a country gal I know she's true
What's the use of tears and sighing after many years of
Trying guess I'm going home no more to roam I'm feeling blue.

When I leave this town I'll hurry where they never frown or
Worry when I say goodbye no one will sigh when I am gone
Give me back the brooks and clover with those shady nooks
All over I could be content without a cent where I was born.

When you're a long long way from home it makes you feel
Like you're alone its hard to find a pal that's true that you can
Tell your troubles to and when you send a letter home your
Mother's voice rings in your ears and then you cross the T's
With kisses what a strange world this is, then you dot the I's
With tears and all the sunshine turns to gloom when you're a long
Way from home.