"Runnin' (Interlude)" lyrics - KEHLANI

"Runnin' (Interlude)"

You saw right through every last bit of me
I should've known it from your energy
We've got this synergy, your soul feels close
Like it remembers me-instilled in me
90 degrees in California, you put chills in me
Said it's something about my city, something about my city
Oakland girls so damn hood but we're so damn pretty
Sometimes the town just brings you down
But we feel no pity
Don't need no extra bodies, I got the connect with me
It's why you connect with me, it's why you can step with me
Why you can go hit the carpets
Go 'head and get dressed with me
Make me forget my ex and you onto the next with me
Love has everything to do, Bobby needs his creds Whitney
I always said I'd be the one to do it
I changed the way they lookin' at us women makin' music
Go put back on the crown, stop makin' us look so stupid
Not worried about these niggas
Unless it's you then I'm choosin'
Even if I chose I feel like you're the right decision
Yeah you got aspirations, you ain't fuckin' up the vision
I love that you're not worried 'bout any other niggas
Only longing for persistence, only want something consistent
Does it make you nervous I'm not afraid to say what I want?
Does it put fear into your heart that I know where I started?
Far from where I begun?
'Cause I know every man has a fear
Of a strong-minded woman
But I say she's a keeper if she got it
On her own and keeps it runnin'

If she can keep it all runnin'
If she can keep it all runnin'
Keeps it runnin'
If she can keep it all runnin'
Keeps it runnin'
If she can keep it all runnin'