"Middle-Aged Man" lyrics - KEITH STEGALL

"Middle-Aged Man"

All the dreams that never came true
Are still there every night in my room
When I close my eyes

All the things I wish I never did
Make we wish that I still was a kid
And time was on my side

And somewhere in the basin mirror
Is a young man whose life who slipped away
And the only thing getting clearer
Is that this shoulder length hair's turning grey

Sometimes I think I'm goin' crazy
Like the train has jumped the track
'Cause I think about leaving
And never looking back

The mother of my children
Tries to understand
She says you ain't crazy
Just a middle-aged man

Sometimes in the still of the night
When she's lying asleep by my side
I hold her close

And I wonder about her life
If it was worth it becoming a wife
20 years ago

And I wonder if it's me that she aches for
Would it matter if I walked away
God knows that she and the children
Are the only reason I stay

[Chorus 2x]

She says I ain't crazy
Just a middle-aged man
Just a middle-aged man
Just a middle-aged man