"Well Travelled Love" lyrics - KELLY WILLIS

"Well Travelled Love"

Well when we started out on this trip a short while ago
I didn't even think we'd make it out your front door
You sped on down the highway I said you better go slow
You said we have four tires that were made to roll

I got a well travelled love with nothin' to guide me
But the stars up above and you right here beside me
When we reach our destination and there's no place left to go
We're gonna turn ourselves around and get back out on the road

Full tank of gas babe and nothin' but time
Easy path laid out by the highway lines
We got four lanes to choose from every one of them fast
Let's pick the one that's gonna make this feeling last

I got a well travelled love...
Well many times before I stumbled down the wrong track
With you behind the wheel I know there's no turning back
Let's roll down all the windows and put down the top
And hope to God this trip ain't never gonna stop

I got a well travelled love...
I got a well travelled love...
I got a well travelled love...