"When I'm Lovin' You" lyrics - KEM

"When I'm Lovin' You"

You take a fine tooth comb and get to the heart of me
You're like my favorite song and I follow the melody
On a clear, blue night up on the mountain side
Like morning rain under the northern sky

A dream come true when I'm loving you
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, hey, girl, yeah

Your love is Santa Claus and it's Christmas time
It's like a fantasy, I'm on a carpet ride
Over the rainbow up to the water's edge
It's like a fairytale living inside my head

And I feel so fine when I'm loving you
Hey girl, baby

Forever faithful girl like childhood friends
So soft and warm, I hope it never ends
And I'm thankful, girl, for all the joy you bring
Like we be making love up on an angel's wings

It's like paradise when I'm loving you whoo whoo whoo
Hey girl, yeah
Hey girl, baby
It's like paradise when I'm loving you
Baby, baby, yeah, when I'm loving you

Hey, hey girl, when I'm loving you
I'm loving, I'm, I'm loving you, babe
I'm just loving you, baby
When I'm loving you, girl
I'm loving, I'm loving, just loving
When I'm