"Crashing Gates And Passing Keepers" lyrics - KEVIN MAX

"Crashing Gates And Passing Keepers"

They saw us coming
From miles away
Jubilant train
Wearing a pink boa and feathers like an exotic bird
Double headed
Breathing smoke
Looking for a line to quote
Waiting to jump the rope
To change the vote
To witness hope
In the newest thing
Called freedom
But they said no way
And they wore the same coats
Khaki brown and faded
Typed at the same machines
And tried to box up all the dreams
In neat little packages
Like widgets for the factory
All the while watching big brother watching
Big brother watching
Big brother watching...
'But we are crashing gates
And we are passing over the gate keepers"
We are the new
And we are marching like a jubilant train
Through your towns
Past your landscapes of lame ducks
Past the lines of indifference
Past the stormtroopers of compromise
The deputies of damage control
The officers of fear
As they hand out their tickets to the deaf and the dumb and the younger ones
To the very old, the influential, the disturbed, the zealots, the sheltered, the innocent.
We pass through the gates
Like the dawning of a new age
Like the turning of a new page
Like the birth of a new son
Like freedom
On a roll
Wearing nothing but a smile on our faces
And our hands up in the air