"Foreword" lyrics - KING DIAMOND


Seen through the eyes of a lunatic (me), this story portrays some of the darkest sides of the human mind. it deals with hate, fear, guilt, revenge, justice, injustice, twisted love, innocence, a
Perverted swine by the name of mckenzie (the mayor), who molested his own 7 year old daughter, lucy; and blamed it all on me. i, the lunatic, am trying to the best of my ability to bring mayor mckenzie back to justice for all the crimes he has committed. in many ways I fail miserably.
Fortunately none of the characters in this story are real; but unfortunately they are all too realistic. anyway, whether we like it or not, we all have bad thoughts, and that's perfectly alright, as long as we do not act upon them. therefore, do not try to copy or re-enact any portion of this story. if you do, you are simply too stupid to be alive.

Have fun,
King diamond