"The Crypt" lyrics - KING DIAMOND

"The Crypt"

The moon is outside but it can't get in
Almost dead from his nightly sin
Jonathan is deep asleep, a perfect time... to visit the keep

Down the halllway to the lair, down down the slippery stairs
Abigail is in the crypt, a lantern in her hand

The secret of the crypt
A coffin made for a child, wondering who is inside
Oh Abigail... and off comes the lid

The smell is sick
Mummified in front on its side
A name was cut deep in the lid with a knife
And it said: Abigail

[Solo: Andy]

A silvery necklace was 'round the mummy's neck
It had wings and was sharpened round the edge
"What are you doing here", Henry had come in unseen

Abigail pulled on the necklace and the little mummy's head
Was separated clean from it's tiny neck
Then up up up, up into his throat
Twisting and turning it, oh she couldn't stop

Brandon Henry was going down in a pool of blood
He was on the ground

[Solo: Mike]

There's an eerie glow in the crypt down below
Mummified infant on its side
"Gotta go... gotta run... I'll be back for you Little One"

In the crypt Abigail's twin is searching for a home
Abigail's twin is searching for her Mom
But Mommy's in the floor and it's made of stone
Her mommy's in the floor and she doesn't know
Oh she doesn't know, she doesn't know
Will she ever know...