"Eyes Like The Sky" lyrics - KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD

"Eyes Like The Sky"
(Broderick Smith / King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard)
feat. Broderick Smith

The bad, white men call him the devil
The Yavapai call him "Eyes Like the Sky"

This story takes place in the hinterlands of the newly formed United States
And territories in the years before and after the great conflagration called the Civil War
Men roam and fight each other to simply stay breathing
Muskets give way to repeating rifles, cannons give way to Gatling guns
War nurtures weapons, but weapons clear the land

In the deserts of the southwest, old hatreds grow into new ones
Old beliefs are shattered by gunfire and charging horses
Into this cauldron of fire rides a young man who becomes a shadowed legend
His name even takes on the mantle of the bogeyman in some homes
Among the first Americans, his name is exalted from wickiups to longhouses
From teepees to cliff dwellings
Among the men of the badlands, he's feared for his silent walk
And swift, economical dispatching of his enemies