"Doctor Marvello" lyrics - KLAATU

"Doctor Marvello"

Oh, my love and I were thinkin'
How low our boat was sinkin'
From fishin' for the bluze
Every lure we tried, Jonesey turned the tide
We lost our cool caught in whirlpools

Oh, so bland was our condition
We summoned black magicians
To wave a wand or two
Talismanic spells, tannus root and... well
To tell the tale their magic failed

If that is all you want
Then I may be of service
If all you want is love
Well I may know a special man
Whose love machine turns can't to can
With your mind in mind
With your mind in mind

Oh, the trance wore off by morning
A sentimental journey was hazily recalled
Though it sounds absurd, we're completely cured
And now we're fine
And now we're fine
My love and I