"Dog Star" lyrics - KLAATU

"Dog Star"
(Dee Long)

It really doesn't matter where you are,
You could be living on a distant star,
Just a long as you're feeling right,
You could be happy on this fine night.
If you just use a little imagination,
And put your mind in a new situation,
You could be tripping through the galaxy,
Lost in a dream, Just you and me.

You reach your arms, up to the sky,
And cast your love across the universe.
You're feeling happy but you don't know why.
And we'll go dancing on the distant dog star with you.

As we go travelling through time and space,
And leave the earth to the human race,
On our approach to the dog star,
We can see the milky way bar.
On a planet in a new constellation,
We begin a great celebration,
We will sing and dance until the day,
'Cause tomorrow is a week away.


Step out on the floor, feel light on your feet,
Anti-gravity's on, can't sit in your seat,
You're so far from home, all at once you know,
You're not ready to go, you wanna stay here for the rest of your life.

Just as long as you're feeling right
You could be happy on this fine night.

You could be tripping through the galaxy.
Lost in a dream, just you and me.