"Perpetual Motion MacHine" lyrics - KLAATU

"Perpetual Motion MacHine"
(Dee Long)

Send your dollars or your moms and fathers
For there's something you should own
You can have one today, just send right away
We deliver right to your home
You can't get better value for your money
Than you get right here
You don't have to see it to know you need it
It's all the rage this year.

You can have you own, very own
Perpetual Motion Machine... [2x]

What a nice surprise it's just the right size
For someone just like you
It's just what you need and it's guaranteed
To do exactly what it will do
It stays together... It'll last forever
Which is something new these days
One thing about it you can live without it
But you'll order one today.

You can have your own, very own
Perpetual Motion Machine... [2x]