"Forget Your Name" lyrics - KNOCKED LOOSE

"Forget Your Name"
feat. Keith Buckley

Forget your name
Sever the tie that binds
Bonded by blood
Tainted soul, leave me behind

Whispers echo within me
Begging to remove the stain
Only the blood that fuels us
Is what keeps you and I the same

Leave me behind

Distance is the only way
I can't hang on the words that convince me to stay
Anything to separate
I run from the life that connects us by fate

You hide
Behind an oath that was written in blood
Back into the shell you use to cover up
Cover up

[Keith Buckley:]
I dropped the dead weight into the shallows
I walked the turncoat up to the gallows
I tore the cancer out, your image faded
Brother in arms, amputated

No love lost
Forget your name
No love lost
Forget your name

I am leaving you there in the flames
A dead flower at an unmarked grave
You are a traitor, we are not the same
I will forget your name