"The Have Nots" lyrics - KNOCKED LOOSE

"The Have Nots"

I've been digging a hole (just digging), living alone
And my mind has fallen out, of my worthless skull
I am a cold soul [?] wrong reflections
Still am a cold soul [?]

I never asked for this
I've never had the words to ask?
I never asked for any [?]
[?] Its just that life is stuck, you'll never get enough?

We're the have nots
Mother fucker
We're the have nots

Do you know what it takes to survive
Just 'cause you have doesn't mean you're alive
I live everyday ready to die
Just because you need to have in order to get by

I'll fucking spit in your face
Because this world is an ugly place
You're such a [?] talking shit to me
Because I'll take anything I need

I've been there, you haven't
You're just absorbed, self-deserving, fuck

I've been there, you haven't
We are the have nots