"Invaders" lyrics - KRS-ONE


Aqui no hay frontera. Esta tierra lo que nombraron los Estados Unidos que tiene la sangre de nuestra raza. Somos una gente ancestral, con un futuro feriante. Que viva Mexico!

How then, can they talk of some border
When they are the invaders?
How then, can they reform immigration
When they invaded their neighbor?

America existed before Columbus
Thirty thousand years ago we were here in Mexico
Where's all my Motiacans at? Cock your rifle let it blow
Blow, blow, blow, blow, blow all invaders gotta go
This one for my people, my Mexicano people
The whole earth is yours and no human is illegal
Come across the border every woman and man
The US is the alien, Mexico this is your land


We see the same men living out like cavemen
Coming out the cave and them trying to enslave men
How can we obey them? It's better we betray them
Rise up like the reverend Nat Turner and slay them
Mexican people get your education
Tell your little children that this their nation
You own California, You own Arizona
You own San Diego, and Texas the Lone Star


Take a look at Mexico, then look at New Mexico
What is a New Mexico if there is a Mexico?
All of America They used to call Amexem
Immigration laws are a fraud and we reject them
We are the Olmec, Toltec, pyramid builder
Astronomer, philosopher, and healer
Mexican people rise up right now
And realize that this is your land now

[Hook 2x]

Get out!