"Whaddup" lyrics - L.L. COOL J

feat. Chuck D, Travis Barker, Tom Morello and Z-Trip

[Hook 2x: LL Cool J]
I say whaddup
I got so much trouble on my mind
Refuse to lose
I say whaddup
Here's your ticket
Hear the drummer get wicked

[Verse 1: LL Cool J]
Time to put 'em in the dirt, somebody gettin hurt
Hard time, gets rough
I took a look at my life, cuts like a knife
What I have is not enough
I got alot on my mind, cross the line
Home boy I cut you up
No reason to rhyme, out comes the nice
You lose your mind

[Hook 2x]

[Bridge: Chuck D]
Hard as hell
Battle anybody
Rock the bells

[Verse 2: LL Cool J]
I can't take it no more
My nerves so raw
This economy's out of control
I kick down your door
Put the weapon to your jaw
This time heads gonna roll
I feel so hard, oh my God
Come back and save my soul
Never settle for the silver muff
The Bronx know my style, give me that goal
I came to test ya, under pressure
Let's see if you paused on four
I've taken mine now it's the time
Hungry, you've been told
I be fighting for my dream my whole life
But this day to day grindin' gets old
It's the west coastal going postal
Action! who wants that role?

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3: LL Cool J]
Release the beast, where's my feast
Feed my hunger pains
Kid's gotta eat, no defeat
My turn to take your grains
Shoot the ring, watch the king
I have perfect aim
And what I bring is gonna swing
The world like a hurricane
I'm gonna show you
What it feels like to go through
The bullshit that I've been through
How it can make you mental
It's time to lay down, take off the crown
Business not a game
Heart stuff the pound, the time is now
Gotta break these fucking chains

[Hook 4x]