"Not Giving Up On Love" lyrics - LA TOYA JACKSON

"Not Giving Up On Love"

Hey baby,
I know things haven't been easy for us lately,
But I want you to know that I love you.
Oh, I love you, too.
La Toya?
We make beautiful love together.
Yeah, I know, but more important than that,
We've got to get ourselves together.
Now I know it ain't easy, but if we truly love each other, we can't give up.

Here we are
Trying to stay together as one
I know we have some problems
Left undone
Tryin' to keep
The love that seems almost gone
The love that we once knew
Is just hangin' on

We've been through so many rough times
But somehow I feel our love
Will never die
Boy, I know the both of us have cried
I just think we should start all over
And try

I'm not giving up on love
Giving up on love
I really think
That both of us should stay
(I'm not giving upon love) No no
(Giving up on love)
We've come so far
To throw it all away
Not giving up on love

You and I
Been together for some time
We shared the love the laughter
The fun and the smiles
Oh, baby, there are times
We're not happy with each other at all
But we know the love is still there
We gotta stand tall

We've been through
So many ups and downs
If the love is gone
We should end it now, yeah
We just got to make it
Work somehow
I'm not givin' up, givin' up on love

(I'm not giving up on love)
Giving up, I'm not giving up
(Giving up on love) No no
We've got to show some forgiveness
In our hearts
I'm not (Giving up on love)
Giving up, giving up, no
(Giving up on love)
Giving up, giving up
Holding on so we never drift apart
Not giving up on love

My baby, I need you
(Whenever love is in doubt)
We can work it out
(We can work it out)
We can, we can
We can do that right now
(Hear the words from my mouth)
Do it to me, baby
Do it to me, ooh
Can't you see, that it's you and me
And together as one we can overcome

(Giving up on love)
I'm not givin up (Giving up on love)
No, no, no, no
Don't worry me
Don't you, don't you, don't you need me
I can feel so good
(Giving up on love)
(Giving up on love)
Give it to me, boy
Don't you know I can work my stuff
Don't you know I can
I can work my stuff right for you
Just listen to what I have to say
Not giving up on love