"The Chemist" lyrics - LAGWAGON

"The Chemist"

One more time, falling on new ground
Bracing a chase lounge
I'm a member
This one truth I can be discreet
Words that escape me
I remember

Clarity watching eyes
I can't see, I can't read
Passion-less vacation
You're not telling anyone
The sum falls in a whole
It's chem-is-try chemical
Follow the pattern if you can
Stick around it will change again

One more line, stay focused
Hollow, quiet, I feel sick
Misunderstanding tempting tolerance
You're not telling anyone
I'm not telling anyone

This sound is atrocious
The miles horrific
They exercise those last words
I'll hang on to mine
One more line I can stay focused
Words are atrocious
I'm a member

Lying out in the sun
Keep it like a secret
Elements in a pool were all dried up and
Here comes the chemist again
This is everything I am