"You Know Me" lyrics - LAGWAGON

"You Know Me"
(Joey Cape / Lagwagon / Asher Simon / Brian Wahlstrom)

We hangout remotely with pretend friends
We share these moments all alone
We strive for virtue virtually
Self-promoting these stage clothes
We search for soul in every blue forgotten room
And they won't know us at all

Once a moment of nostalgia
Now forms a sharp repressing cast
Abstraction evolves from past lives renewed
Through change in latitude we leave behind empathy
Darling, you know me
But I don't know you at all

Fifteen minutes of fame (all day long)
Self-image we created (self-delusion)
Fingertips paint the screen
My children will have to teach me
And I won't know them at all
In solitude we long for union
In union we sell for collected change
But how will I miss you if you won't go away?

Darling, you know me
But I don't know you at all
No longer intimate
No longer physical
So I don't know you at all
"Hello. These are the things
Left behind in your wake: Distraction
Disconnection, conformity, waste
Irrelevance, debt, narcissism, regret
Disease, isolation, and bodies."