"NIV" lyrics - LAMBCHOP


I just tried to you know and you know
They say there is a God
You work in the dark, you're low key

Let them run wild and they will run you down
Keeping in the now's to deny it high at the burning

Remembering you as a good idea
Yeah our minds our dripping and all
Wasted you'd like to be king
I can hear you breathe

Who will I talk to in times of very remarkable
And you give me your guidance and I will
When you're clearly there I swear

You are very remarkable
Feel alone
You are very remarkable
Feeling lonely

The days are colder now

Don't have to go
And I see the elderly couple
God will be with you
Walking to the dumpster
He will bring you through

The sun is simply setting
The electric gate is closing
You go when you're happy
Step away from the desk, don't worry

Worried, I'll be your shepherd
The days are colder
Oh so very remarkable in this
Your wasted understanding
It's hard to give it up
It's hard now

You run wild nothing abandoned to
Your mind's a trapping and a twisting