"The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P" lyrics - LAMBCHOP

"The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P"

Well it started out intimate enough
She was hardly convinced of this
And nothing was right with out it
And every thing, I mean every thing's unclean

How long is the right to suffer
And nothing impresses me
You are scared of all the couples and the mothers
Who disrespect your orders of the day

And I can't stand up
And I can't give back
It's just that it seems impossible
To understand a man like me

And I promise I won't live without you
And I promise I won't be that mean
These stupid promises are accumulating
In a grossly unwholesome scene

Now I'm happy to have lived without it
Pretty easy, if you know what I mean
I will stand upon a windswept hillside
Latter to recount how much this meant to me

Because this is the rise and fall of the letter P