"Frozen Memories (Trocando Em Miudos)" lyrics - LANI HALL

"Frozen Memories (Trocando Em Miudos)"

I'll go and I'll leave you my broken wedding ring
Upon the chair
My visions are frozen deep in my memory
Your golden hair
To make it simple my broken heart
The broken pieces you tore apart
I'm taking the pieces the rest is yours
Our bed has the shadows of what we were
The words that we spoke I remember

Oh, I'll never mention, just what you've done to me
And by the way
Take hold of the future, you took away from me
And don't delay
The hope that one day we will be the same
You better forget it, forget my name
How can I forget all the love and laughter
In starlight and after
The look in your eyes

The time it is closing, it seems I'm out of bound
I mustn't stay
So now I am closing the door without a sound
Dont look my way
It's hard to imagine we were like one
Our lives are as separate as moon and sun
The things that I left, they are yours to keep
What is that sound?
Oh, it's just my heartbeat!
(My heartbeat)
Oh, it's just my heartbeat!
(My heartbeat)
My heartbeat!