"I'll Fall In Love Again" lyrics - LANI HALL

"I'll Fall In Love Again"

If he's got your eyes
They're all I can see
But they may not be as blue
That's all I need to make me believe
That I'm making love to you

He may have your hair
Or only your smile
But that's all that it takes
When I turn out the light
I see your face and...

I'll fall in love again
But I know that I'm only foolin'
Me and my heart pretend
That it's you
So I'll fall in love again

Deep in the night
I knew I belong to someone
Who stands next to me
I whisper your name
Again and again
Til I can fall asleep
I dream of a time
Your love was mine
Before you went away

When you kiss me goodbye
I remember you're saying...